Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Socks Return, but with which show?

The Socks return to the stage after a month long gap tomorrow, at the Belfast Comedy Festival. But which show should we do?

We only have a 60 minute slot, so we have the choice of doing the recent Edinburgh show And So Am I - with its Scottish Independence material all removed now that it's out of date, but keeping the killer songs. But then how relevant is the UKIP song in Northern Ireland? Or we can do Socks In Space, which we haven't done since June or July time (seems so long ago).

Or a mixture of the two? Or some of the best-of stuff? And what about debuting the brand new ISIS Song, is that worth risking?

Ee, it's fun to be thinking live Socks again, after what must be the longest break in the last year, maybe since Christmas? Here, in case I haven't blogged them, are some recent gig listings that looked pretty nifty.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are on tour... NOW!

Sept 26 - MAC, Belfast Comedy Festival
Oct 10 - Heron Theatre, Beetham Cumbria
Oct 11 - Leamington Royal Spa Centre
Oct 16 - Ormskirk Civic Hall
Oct 31 - Lichfield Garrick Studio

1 comment:

Andy Boal said...

We do have a UKIP councillor and a UKIP MLA. There’s no escape from that lot..

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