Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Vote Socks, new Halloween, Comedy Awards and more

There are two chances to vote for the Socks at the moment, one of which has given me the incentive to re-edit a classic video. Et voila the new version of Halloween, uploaded to Daily Motion* (above), as part of a competition to be part of the Montreux Comedy Festival (about which I know little at the moment, though I did see it on TV in Toulouse earlier this year, from which all I can tell you is that all the comedians were speaking French, so I'm not sure how high our chances are). This clip is also on Youtube. You will notice, if you've got an eye for these things, that it is edited together from two completely different shows. The soundtrack and close up angle comes from Edinburgh in 2010, while the wide shot come from The Rondo in Bath earlier this year. Seamless.

And here we have your opportunity to vote for the Socks' UKIP medley in the British Comedy Awards new comedy video section. We're a bit late to the contest, with literally hundreds of entrants ahead of us in the queue, so we won't get our hopes up. But next year, we'll try and get an entry of quality in early. Do vote, you know it can't hurt.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are on tour... NOW!

Sept 26 - MAC, Belfast Comedy Festival
Oct 10 - Heron Theatre, Beetham Cumbria
Oct 11 - Leamington Royal Spa Centre
Oct 16 - Ormskirk Civic Hall
Oct 31 - Lichfield Garrick Studio 

* Really? I'm the only one who thinks a website called daily motion is funny? Cos the name Plopaday was taken.

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