Saturday, 18 April 2015

Call the cops - first new costume for Minging Detectives + new ad

A good couple of days this week have been spent preparing Minging Detectives, with some good new bits of script emerging that will be tested for the first time on Saturday at the Ropewalk in Barton. Also the first new costumes for the show, with more still in development.

This rather low-res photo (cock up on the Photoshop front) shows the new cop outfit that I've made, which doesn't yet have the script to go with it, though it will make an appearance on Saturday. And sitting at home we have Hev's fantastic handiwork on two 1960s police uniforms (for Z Cars and the Black & White Minstrels song, and possibly other sketches), and two excellent jumpers - a Sofie Grabol The Killing, and a Dennis The Menace who's now a bank robber -  both knitted by Anet and amended by Hev.

New script material includes a bank robbery sketch and a shedload of new excruciating wordplay material (let us see how well the NYPD Blue, Magnum, Cannon, Persuaders, PD James, In Cold Blood, Morse and Sherlock gags go, all new this week).

Ooh, just remembered, I need to burn a new CD of the newly shortened Black & White Minstrels song (shaved 30 seconds off it yesterday) and the Cop Reggae medley (added a minute to it last week, it acts as the first 4 mins of the new audience in music).

Now that Edinburgh tickets are on sale (though none sold yet, chiz chiz) I've started tweeting our teaser ads, the "Titles that we reject". And a new one was added to the existing pile of 17 images this week. Namely...

Now having great fun with the scripts, the props, and the promotion for Minging Detectives, but I really having to knuckle down on putting out proper promotions to the wider media, ensuring the telly and all come along to Edinburgh, and making it the best show ever. Onwards.

The Socks do new material from Minging Detectives, and the best of their recent satire, on tour

Apr 18 Ropewalk Barton
Apr 24 Neath NRG Cafe
May 15 Exchange Keighley
May 22 & 23 Brighton Komedia
June 25 Cheltenham
June 27 Old Joint Stock Birmingham
July 17 Carriageworks Leeds
July 19 - Sheffield New Barrack Tavern
July 23 - Spread Eagle Croydon
July 25 - Bedford Fringe
Aug 5 - 31  10.30pm Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe

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