Friday, 3 April 2015

Samson's out, and I'm all over the radio

Now if there's a gig you never thought I'd be up for, here it is. I've written and drawn Samson's Philistine Wife for Bible Society's new book Pass It On, in which I join such luminaries as Anthony Horowitz and Sir Andrew Motion, all of us doing original versions of Bible stories.

More than that, I've made the front cover (above), and I've been put and about doing radio interviews. I've pre-recorded interviews for Q Radio Network in Northern Ireland and BBC Radio Kent, which will go out on Easter Sunday, when I'll also be doing a BBC Bristol interview. And here we see me talking live this morning to Paul Coia on BBC Radio Berkshire (he's out of shot on account of his being in Berkshire while I was in the studios on Whiteladies Road in Bristol).

(That's right, my jaw moves faster than the camera can take. There's a lot to say)

You can get Pass It On for free by going to and either downloading the pdf or ordering an actual hard copy book. Schools can order up to 150 copies, all for free. That, I guess, is what Bible Society is there for. And the fun doesn't stop there...

...because there's a competition that's free to enter, where you can send in your own adaptation of a Bible story, and the winner gets not only an iPad but sees their story illustrated by me. Yes that is a prize.

I have been making it clear in my interviews that I'm an athiest, and no-one seems to mind. So far I've not spoiled anyone's Easter weekend with the revelation. And by the way I'm very pleased with my comic strip, I hope you all enjoy reading it.

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