Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Fat Bum - new comics by kids

It's the Easter holidays for schools, so I've been doing Comic Art Masterclasses in a library and an art centre with kids of all ages. Here we see the inventions of a couple of small groups in Alton in Hampshire. My Fat Bum is the sort of title I try to avoid in schools, because I know there's always going to be someone who'll complain. But in the holidays, it's open season on fat bums.

And these are the comics from Harpenden library in Herts. Interestingly these two slightly uninspired titles came from two big groups, with 32 titles to choose from in one case, whereas the slightly more interesting titles came from two very small groups, only 8 apiece as a result of a technical cockup (a third party had booked, and paid for, 20 tickets per class then didn't pass them on to the kids, which meant they'd been turning people away from the classes). I wonder if there's some statistical correlation between the size of the group and the mundanity of the title they ended up choosing? Either way, the title "Something Something  I Had No Idea What To Call It" is quite a challenge when it comes to thinking what to draw on the cover.


Why yes, of course I posed cheesily by a flipchart. Don't I always?

The Hot Rod Cow-themed comics from Kent, you've seen in an earlier blog. Across these 6 classes, the celebrities that they chose to tread on a worm were Simon Cowell (three times in total), David Cameron, Katy Perry and Michael Jackson.

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