Saturday, 25 April 2015

Me in Writing Comedy, and The War Cry, and Oink

 I am indebted to the good people of Hodder & Stoughton who have sent me, totally out of the blue, a copy of Writing Comedy by Lesley Bown. Why, I wondered, had I been so honoured? And the reason is that I'm in it.

I'd totally forgotten that Lesley had interviewed me online, all about comedy writing, following her involvement with The Sitcom Trials over the years. Coincidentally the Sitcom Trials has reared its head again this week, with shows being announced in Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester. What were the chances? Here are some more of my words of wisdom.

I'm sure I'll get round to reading Writing Comedy shortly, but just in case I don't get a chance to write a review of it let's just say "a definitive and authoritative guide, and a fun read to boot - 5 stars, Kev F Sutherland" and look forward to seeing that in the next edition.

And while I'm on, have I written anything worth recording on Facebook or Twitter in the last month..?

The Guardian proofreader, you had one job (from Guardian online, front page, now)

Well done, Amazon, well done.

Ooh look, my Samson strip's been mentioned in The War Cry. The big time. Photograph courtesy of Audrey in Bodelwyddan.

How puerile am I? Laughing out loud cos a commentator said "I've got the Oxford cocks in my ear". ‪#‎boatrace‬

Thanks to Phil Boyce and his Oink! comic blog for unearthing this strip I wrote and drew for Oink 27 years ago. How many breakfast puns? And how dated are most of them?…/57-completely-unrelat…

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