Friday, 18 September 2015

Minging Detectives t shirts clearance sale - everything must go

Roll up! Roll up! Get yer last few Socks' Minging Detectives t shirts while they last!

Having proved popular at Edinburgh, we have a few of the limited edition Minging Detectives t shirts left (as you can see above), and this is your last chance to grab them. Now only £18/$28 inc postage (US rate applies worldwide).

The sizes remaining are S (2 left), M (1), L (2), Ladyfit M (1) and Ladyfit S (1). So there are no XLs or Ladyfit Ls left (and unless there's overwhelming demand, ie a big order, we're not planning to print a new run).

UPDATE - the XXL shirt mentioned in the first posting of this blog has now gone.

If you want to order one - EMAIL FIRST to check if your size is left ( - then you'll pay £18/$28 by Paypal to including in your order the size you want and your full address and a shirt will be yours.

Be quick, once these have gone, they've gone. However, as consolation, we have a goodly supply of Classic Socks t shirts, as per this design:

These classic design shirts cost only £15 inc postage to the UK ($25 to USA). Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, Female S, M and L sizes.

Simply pay by Paypal to and don't forget to include a) the size you want, and b) your name and address, and c) mention "Classic design".

You can also find a bizarre range of Classic Socks design merchandise over at our WeeShoppie on Cafepress, including hats, pants, thongs, golf balls, jigsaw puzzles, clocks, mugs and a dog hoodie. You heard me.

Oct 1 - Granary Theatre Wells Next The Sea
Oct 10 - Royal Spa Leamington
Oct 13 - Harrogate Theatre
Oct 22 - Clevedon Theatre Shop
Oct 23 - Salford Kings Arms
Oct 26 - Halifax Comedy Festival, Victoria Theatre
Oct 30 - Canterbury Festival
Dec 11 Aberystwyth Arts Christmas Special

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