Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pug Dog Doing A Poo (& other delights) - comics by kids

Here are some almost-lost classics for you, comics produced by the pupils in my classes at a series of Intu shopping centres at the end of July and start of August. The classes were slightly unusual arrangements, only an hour-long apiece (though I managed to stretch a few of them out to 90 minutes, which enabled me to come up with these covers in 4 of the 6 shopping centres I visited). Because we didn't have the usual facilities, the pupils went away with their caricatures by me, and with the strips they'd drawn, but without the finished photocopied comics. So these covers exist in isolation, and luckily I took a photo of them all on the day. The two above are from Intu shopping centres in Braehead and Derby.

Totally by coincidence, the kids in the shopping centres in Trafford and Uxbridge both came up with toilet related titles (because there was no printed comic for them to take away, neither class could have seen the other's finished comic). In upmarket contrast, their chosen celebs treading on a worm were Issac Newton and Albert Einstein.

This couple of covers also come from before we set off to spend the month of August in Edinburgh, from sessions in Darlington Library. Then, no sooner had I got to Edinburgh, than I was off to Greenock and Port Glasgow for these two workshops, both on the day of my opening night, as it were.

Pug Dog Doing A Poo and Fat Bob? Well done Greenock and Port Glasgow, well done. The kids from these various classes, when asked which celebrities they'd choose to tread on a worm (in my famous demonstration strip which, once seen, is never forgotten) chose Stephen Hawking, The Queen, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Harry Hill, Simon Cowell, Johnny Depp and Lewis Hamilton.

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