Friday, 18 September 2015

Socks t-shirt transfers (Boo Lingerie & Socks In Space) - only £4

Available for the first and only time, here are iron-on transfers for the t-shirts from two legendary Scottish Falsetto Socks shows - 2012's Boo Lingerie, and 2013's Socks In Space.

As a result of over-ordering prints and under-ordering shirts, we have a handful of transfers waiting to be pressed onto the garment of your choice, and they're only £4 each (plus £1.50 postage).

You can have a pair (one of each) for £7 inc postage, or either one individually for just £5.50 inc postage.

Pay by Paypal to remembering to include your name, mailing address, and which design you want.

Be quick, you're looking at the entire stock in the photo above.

Oct 1 - Granary Theatre Wells Next The Sea
Oct 10 - Royal Spa Leamington
Oct 13 - Harrogate Theatre
Oct 22 - Clevedon Theatre Shop
Oct 23 - Salford Kings Arms
Oct 26 - Halifax Comedy Festival, Victoria Theatre
Oct 30 - Canterbury Festival
Dec 11 Aberystwyth Arts Christmas Special

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