Saturday, 12 September 2015

St Andrew live - new video from the Socks

A forgotten gem finally makes it onto Youtube in the form of St Andrew, a favourite sketch from the Socks' 2014 Edinburgh show ...And So Am I which we haven't uploaded until now. We do hope you'll enjoy it.

We never put it into the subsequent touring show because it felt a bit too Scottish, but looking at it again it's nothing of the sort. Jolly good fun. Remind us to retweet the ass off of it every St Andrews Day.

Oct 1 - Granary Theatre Wells Next The Sea
Oct 10 - Royal Spa Leamington
Oct 13 - Harrogate Theatre
Oct 22 - Clevedon Theatre Shop
Oct 23 - Salford Kings Arms
Oct 26 - Halifax Comedy Festival, Victoria Theatre
Oct 30 - Canterbury Festival
Dec 11 Aberystwyth Arts Christmas Special

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