Friday, 11 September 2015

Uptown Funky Alien - new comics by kids & some flipcharts

I don't often get the excuse to draw Dicky Mint from Ken Dodd's Diddymen, so imagine my delight when the year 3-to-6 pupils of St Anne's Primary in Bewdley came up with the title on the above right. Bruno Mars with tentacles, however, I do every day. These are of course the covers of the comics the kids have gone away with from some recent Comic Art Masterclasses.

And these two, from Bradford On Avon, were both first person titles that cried out for voice bubble logos. I like to vary the logo designs, which I draw very quickly by the way, sometimes getting the luxury of break time in which to do them, but at least half the time having to draw the entire cover during the two hour class. Sometimes you end up with covers you could play snap with.

And here we have an almost-lost gem, from a one-off Comic Art Masterclass I did as part of Bedford Fringe at the end of July (prior to doing a Scottish Falsetto Socks preview gig in the same venue later that night). And a flipchart. Given the chance to name a celebrity to tread on a worm (see blogs passim) these 5 classes chose Simon Cowell (again, he is nominated in 75% of classes and ends up being chosen 15% of the time), Barack Obama, Jack Whitehall, and two names I've never heard before: Judge Rinder (a TV judge, real name Robert apparently), and Svina Schmidt (a racing car driver, who further research tells me is actually spelled Sabine Schmidt).

Talking of flipcharts, you know, I love getting set up before a class and having time to draw a nice flipchart, which I then leave behind for the school, library or whoever to cherish. Here are some more I rattled off this summer.

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