Thursday, 25 February 2016

Adventures Of President Baby - new comics by kids

Every now and again a school will take the big leap and have me in for a whole week, and this week Bishopswood Juniors in Tadley in Hampshire did that very thing. The perfect size of school, they have what we call, in the trade, a 2-Form Entry, which means 2 classes for every year, from year 3 to 6, giving me 8 classes to teach over four days. And here are the comics they came up with.

As regular readers of this blog (and God help them there do seem to be a few) will know, in the course of a morning or afternoon session I can teach kids aged 7 and upwards how to write and draw comics, by the end of which time they've produced an A5 photocopied comic, a copy of which they each take away, containing a strip by every single one of them, plus a caricature by me. That's 240 faces I've drawn in these four days alone.

The titles of these comics are chosen by every one in the class writing an idea on a bit of paper, and them all voting for the best, knockout style. So you're looking at the cream of the crop, from approximately 240 suggestions, every one a gem.

The celebrities these groups chose for the Treads On A Worm demonstration strip were: Simon Cowell (three times), Dec out of Ant & Dec (three times), Barack Obama, and (most original idea of the week) Ali-A (a Youtuber who I must now look up, for my sins).

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