Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Banana Who Got A Life - new comics by kids

Another week another schools. A primary school in Birmingham and a 9th birthday party in Walthamstow. And how wonderful are these titles?

Okay, so they liked My Teacher Who Sat On The Toilet in year 5, but howsabout Naughty Fight Between Mars & Jupiter for a great classics-based title? They did Roman gods last term, it took.

Sorry, did I give you the impression this week's kids were all upmarket in their titles? This was from Sam & Colm's birthday party in Walthamstow. It wasn't a school, so if they want a bum they get a bum.

The celebrities they chose for the "Worm" thing (see blogs passim) were (big drumroll for the impressive return) Simon Cowell (twice), Justin Bieber, Paul Walker (out of Fast & Furious), and Cheryl Cole.

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