Monday, 15 February 2016

Socks Pinterest Page

I was blissfully unaware that there even was a Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Pinterest page. So my thanks to Mike Higgins, who appears to have set it up. Here it is.

I must also confess to a dreadful ignorance as to how these things work. assuming you, the Sock Fannerati out there, are able to pin things to it, then do please pin away. If you're not, then forgive me. It's out there, what more can I say?

UPDATE: Having tried to pin something to Mike's Socks Pinterest board, I discover you can't, and that there are dozens of people who've pinned our stuff up there. Look:

Oh well, I'm no more informed than I was when I came across it. If anyone can tell me how we can use Pinterest to our advantage, I'm all ears. Happy, er, Pinting.

Feb 12 Leicester Comedy Festival 
Feb 19 - Lighthouse Poole 
Feb 20 Leicester Comedy Festival 
Mar 12 - Chorley Little Theatre 
Mar 24 - New Greenham Arts, Newbury 
Apr 9 - Widcombe Social Club, Bath Comedy Festival
May 8 - Bean Caffe, Derby Comedy Festival 5.30pm
May 19 - Old Joint Stock Birmingham
May 22 - Komedia, Brighton Fringe
July 3 - Derby Bar One 2pm 
July 10 - Tring Festival 
July 17 - Greater Manchester Fringe
July 21 - Barnes Fringe
July 22 - Bedford Fringe
Aug 3-28 - Edinburgh Fringe

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