Friday, 26 February 2016

Avalanche of Blue Cheese Puffs - new comics by kids

My travels with my Comic Art Masterclasses are evident from this grab bag of comics, created by my pupils, from Okehampton to Healing in Lincolnshire to Horris Hill in Berkshire. And a splendidly imaginative range of titles they've come up with, I must say.

Any excuse to draw Arnold Schwarzenegger riding on a hamster is good enough for me. And yes that is supposed to look like Howard The Duck, though I'm not sure it does. And, yes again, I am quite proud of my drawing of a Harley Davison on the front of Hog Rider, rattled off during breaktime in the middle of a busy class. Two classes a day in most cases, remember.

Dead Donald Duck Dies was the product of Horris Hill, famously the most Beano-fanatic schoolboys I've ever worked with, as a result of being a boy's boarding prep school with no TV. No Simon Cowell suggestions from that lot.

The celebs these various groups did in fact select to tread on a worm were Will I Am, The Queen, Joey Essex, David Bowie and James Bond.

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