Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Best Tour Ever update - even better than we thought

Having already written about how Socks Do Shakespeare was our best tour ever, I was delighted to get my settlement from Komedia Brighton today confirming that, not only did our shows there do better than last year, but the first of the two shows there was our biggest selling show of the tour.

This brings our average for the tour up above our guarantee across the board (average for turnover this is, I haven't calculated profit and loss, bearing in mind some gigs have higher travel and booking costs than others). Our top three shows, turnoverwise, were Brighton show 1, Rondo Bath, and Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Our poorest was The Bill Murray Pub in London (that's the dip you can see on the graph). And guess where we're playing two gigs next week? I am minded not to include them on this graph, cos everything looks so good as it is.

Happiness is writing the 88th invoice of the year, ending ..88, on the 8th of the 8th. Thankyou Komedia.

UPDATE Dec 19: As I retire the 2017 tour dates from the blog front page, here's what they looked like when they were in place.

Socks Do Shakespeare at The Camden Fringe, August 16 & 17 - Book now! 

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