Friday 4 August 2017

Trump's Wall Of Fame - 6 months of comics by kids

By the end of last year, the pupils in my Comic Art Masterclasses had come up with 19 Trump-themed comic book covers, out of the hundreds we produced together. This year already, at the halfway mark, they've already come up with a dozen.

Once a Trump title comes up, in the pile of up to 30 titles we chose from (each pupil having written a title on a piece of paper, from which we do a head-to-head knockout contest to find the best, while revelling in their mutual creativity), nothing trumps a Trump. Primary school pupils in particular find him hilarious.

He comes up just as often in my demonstration strip, where I ask them to name a celebrity who I then draw in a simple strip, taking them through the basic techniques of comic strip storytelling. I have developed a nifty and amusing way of drawing Trump's face that gets a laugh every time. I'll show it to you sometime.

These twelve examples come from, left to right, Greenock, Backwell in North Somerset, Woodbridge in Suffolk, Longfleet in Dorset, Ashington in Northumberland, Kings Heath in Birmingham, Southport in Cheshire, Swindon, Swansea, Darlington, Barking and Guernsey. That's pretty well all points of the compass, wouldn't you say?

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