Tuesday 15 August 2017

Nativity line art complete

It's a joy to have had a few days sat at my desk pencilling and inking some artwork old-style, which next week I'll get to colour. I wrote the whole thing, that is to say my 16 page humourous adaptation of The Nativity, last month.

This has been a perfect bit of timing, keeping me busy with desk work during August when normally I'd be up in Edinburgh. As a result, I'll ending up earning more this month than if I'd put an Edinburgh show on. But don't let me hear me say that, you'll put me off going back next year, which remains the plan.

As always, I've come up with some great gags I'm really pleased with in this adaptation for Bible Society, and am so pleased they've kept asking me to do them. I'm enjoying the development of the character of Herod, who I'm now doing for the second time, having created him for last year's Feeding Of The 5000.

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