Saturday, 12 August 2017

Gooey Disease That Made Us Poop Rainbows - comics by kids

It's the summer holidays, so these classes have all had the extra unpredictability of not knowing who, if anyone, will turn up. Luckily for me they've rolled in for my classes and had the usual fab time. And, while they're at it, come up with some top titles for their comics. These, from the Cartoon Museum in London, are a couple of my favourites.

For the summer schools in Walthamstow, working in different schools in the morning and afternoon, we had fun even though the afternoon class boasted my smallest turnout of the year. Ironically the classes at the Cartoon Museum and Andover (below) were ticketed events and did well, while the Walthamstow classes were free and, in the case of the afternoon session, very nearly rained off. Another odd feature of these comics you see is that they remain 'virtual' comics. Usually I run off an A5 comic on the photocopier for everyone to take away, but in Walthamstow's case we had no access to the school copier, so the kids went home with their caricatures and their art - and they get to win the drawings from the flipchart too - but no comic. I add the colour to these covers when I get home.

And here are the comics by the kids at The Lights arts centre in Andover. Highest price ticket, highest turnout. What can I say?

The celebrities these 6 groups chose to appear in my demonstration strip were Donald Trump (twice), David Walliams, Will I Am, Usain Bolt and, most original of the bunch, Muhammed Ali.

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