Saturday, 1 August 2020

Socks All Request Zoom Party - a success

Thanks to everyone who came to the Socks' very first All Request Zoom Party last night. It was a great turnout and we've had nothing but good feedback so far, with no-one seeming to mind the technical hiccups that I was so aware of. If you didn't see it, the line up - drawn from requests by the ticket-buying punters - was:

New opening routine
I'm A Sock song (inevitably)
Halloween (2nd most requested item)
Michael Jackson Tribute
Period Drama (unseen since 2010)
Macaque (09)
UKIP Song (14)
An Actor Prepares (from the most requested show, Shakespeare 2016)
Walk On The Wild Side
Casablanca (09)
Word Association (09)
Dead Ringer For Superman (from Superheroes 2018)
Always A Bastard (10)
Star Wars (09/13 from 2nd most requested show, ...In Space)
Sweary Poppins (09)

Popular items that we didn't include were I Change The Key, Horror Movie Cliches Song and Go To Greggs, because they'd been done so recently on Dean Friedman's Live Stream and are fresh on Youtube. We could have included more, as I realised when we got to the closing number and the show had only been 55 minutes long. The lack of live laughter makes a real difference to the length of a show, as we discover every year at Edinburgh when we find we trim a good five minutes of material in the first week as certain bits grow funnier and thus longer. That's not an issue on Zoom, where pausing for laughter is kept to a minimum, ergo over 60 minutes over material flying by in under an hour. It's okay, we padded and did an encore.

Mind you, I don't know if people were voting for material just cos they liked the sound of it, but the two votes for Kraftwerk Do Improv from 2008 didn't tempt me to dig that long-forgotten experiment out of the bin!

The three most popular shows chosen, and the ones that we're going to perform through August, were:

Socks In Space - which we'll do on August 13th
Boo Lingerie - which we'll do on August 21st
and Shakespeare - which we'll do on August 29th

The runners up were Superheroes and Minging Detectives, with mentions for Roll Up and another Best Of, and no votes for 2014's And So Am I (though people remembered the UKIP song fondly).

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