Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Socks on One Show + Ticket Sales

It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but the Socks were on The One Show! How much like the actual Edinburgh Experience is that? On Monday night's show they did an article about how Edinburgh was missing not having a Fringe this year, and in an interview with someone from the Fringe about Virtual events, we came up as part of a montage, with the above snippet from the video we sent to Edfringe for inclusion in their virtual montage. (I had thought originally it was a clip from the 15 minute segment we sent to Gilded Balloon, but actually this is filmed earlier last month, before the walls got covered in flipchart pages for my classes. Hmmmm.)

And if that's not Edinburgh Experience enough, I am so enjoying looking at this page every few hours...

My ticket sales. Possibly the definitive Edinburgh experience is checking my sales, watching them go up every hour, or not as the case may be. For this month's three shows I'm using WeGotTickets, who have the nice feature of a heads-up on the first page telling what your sales since you last looked. They know what we're like, and that all we're interested in are the latest sales.

The only thing missing is a chalkboard with "Sell Out" written on it, that I can take a photo of after the show. Though, given that I can simply keep adding tickets ad nauseum to these Zoom events (I was told the other day that there's someone getting audiences of 1000 on Zoom, which I didn't think was technically possible) that's probably not going to be a thing. First show of the month tomorrow, looking forward to it.

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