Friday, 7 August 2020

Socks shows in Edfringe programme! And a reviewer's coming


The Socks are in the Edinburgh Fringe programme after all. The Fringe has launched a Virtual Fringe, and has enabled those of us who would have been putting shows on to submit our events for free so, delightfully, the Socks' three shows are now on as if it was happening for real. And, I think, it's made a difference to sales. We've certainly put a lot on today (Friday), let's see where we end up on Thursday. And we've attracted our first reviewers, and not just any old one...
We've got The Scotsman coming, to our first show Socks In Space. Talk about the full Edinburgh experience! And of course this year we don't get the luxury of getting used to the show with a whole load of previews, this time it's a one-off. Though admittedly it's a show we've done before, in. 2013 (when, I see from my blog, The Scotsman didn't make it along to review us) it's still going to be daunting to be putting our all into its first night.
I've given comp tickets to people who came to last week's All Request show, cos I think they deserve them. They get the choice of one of these shows free, cos I think it's a bit much to expect anyone to pay to come and see the same act 4 times in the space of a month.

Now, better get the damn show ready for Thursday. Do I still have the space helmet?

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