Friday 9 August 2013

I'm the new Doctor... Martens Boots artist

(Given the Who-alluding title I've just given to this blogpost, what were the chances, but when I uploaded the above picture to tinypic I had to type in the Captcha "eggs ter min ate". Spooky.)

And here I am all being plugged by Dr Martens Boots on account of how I'll be in their Glasgow store tomorrow (Saturday) drawing caricatures and Beano characters to promote the new Beano line of footwear. Should be fun.

This will continue the diversity of this month's Edinburgh Fringe where, as well as doing the brand new show Socks In Space every night (it's come together brilliantly now thanks, and has a 5 star and a 4 star review under its belt) I've been doing Comic Art Masterclasses during the day. Monday to Wednesday I was at Balerno school, Thursday I was at Currie library (as well as getting in an appearance on Ewan Spence's Edinburgh podcast at Castle FM), and today (Friday) I shall be at Drumbrae Library from 11-1 and Kirkliston Library from 2-4. More next week, stay tuned.

All of which leaves precious little time for me to flyer my show, yet still I manage it. I think there's an indirect correlation between amount of time spent flyering and bums on seats, since I managed three sellouts on Friday, Monday and Tuesday despite doing my longest hours of flyering on Saturday and Sunday. Oh it's an imprecise science to be sure. Sales are good (we're equalling 2009, beating 07, 08 & 12's individual shows, but not quite catching up with the behemoth that was our 2010 show yet. A few more high profile reviews needed I think). Onwards and upwards.

The Socks' Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who video continues to be popular, having notched up 9261 views at time of writing. (If 50% of those views are in the UK, and 5% of those are in Edinburgh, and 10% of the ones who are in Edinburgh come to our show, that could put 22 bums on seats. You never know.)

If you want to experience my Comic Art Masterclass, which is suitable for anyone aged 7 or over (there's no maximum age limit), I'll be doing classes at London's South Bank Centre this summer as part of Beanotown , a class in Bedford on July 20, and in August I'll be appearing in various libraries in and around Edinburgh, details here. And you can see me in the Lake District in October, stay tuned for that update. In the meantime you can always book me to come to your local school. Email and we'll take it from there. Details of my class, and more examples and testimonials, are on the website

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