Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Arsom" - Bananaman Kong 2 in this week's Beano

The "arsom" quote came from one of the comments forms the kids filled out after my classes at libraries in Harpenden and Borehamwood this week. I am officially arsom, and the kids don't lie. I am also the most over-credited man in a comic this week. Look at this panel from this week's Bananaman: King Kong part 2:

Not only does Wayne Thompson leave his own name off the artwork, but he's snuck mine in there on the cover of a book, in much the way I do with my own strips, and then Craig the editor has put a full credit for me up in the title bar. As Alan Partridge might say "I am so big headed."

Not that I'm complaining. For the last few weeks my Comic Art Masterclasses have once again been peppered by kids bringing in their brand new Beanos to get signed. It is good to be able to suggest they pop out to the shop at lunchtime and they come back with my stuff, instead of having to seek out old Beano annuals (or, in a recent case, a copy of The Worm, a book I contributed to 20 years ago, and a Dr Strange comic from the mid 90s).

And today, to add to the fun I've been having doing Bananaman and Pansy Potter, I wrote my first Little Plums. My empire grows.

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