Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bananaman: Our Boys - in this week's Beano

And as if you needed any more reason to buy the Beano every week, in this week's issue you'll find Bananaman in a story called Our Boys written by (and credited to) me and drawn by (anonymously) Wayne Thompson. A cracking bit of art by Wayne, to a silly but fun script by me which was written, I seem to recall, in the Wetherspoons on George Street in Edinburgh when I was up there in November doing a string of schools.

After a quiet January, a busy month beckons with a mixture of schools, Socks gigs and caricaturing which will take me to Loughborough, Falkirk, Cardiff, Leicester, Harpenden, Borehamwood, Stirling, Aberystwyth, and Dartford in Kent before the month is out. It's a good job I have a batch of Bananamans and Pansies Potter in hand, I may be away from my desk for a bit.

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