Wednesday 26 February 2014

We Was Chased By The Moon - new comics by kids

A smashing brand new selection of comics by kids, from Hertfordshire and Weston Super Mare, two days apiece in each. As always the titles are the result of every member of the class writing a title on a piece of paper, then we vote one against the other in a big group knockout contest which gives us the best of 30 suggestions. Above you see what happens after 232 other equally good ideas have been eliminated. Kids are a creative bunch when they try.

The celebrities they ended up nominating for the 'treads on a worm' demonstration were Bear Grylls, Miley Cyrus, Will I Am, Simon Cowell, Johnny Depp, Harry Styles and Katy Perry.

If you want me to come to your school and work my Comic Art Masterclass magic, do please get in touch. And if you're voting in the Beano's poll for the favourite strip, the name you're looking for is Bananaman.

More comics from pupils in Chorley, Newcastle Under Lyme, Borehamwood and Henley, in Dartford and Henley, in Cardiff, Falkirk, Birmingham and rural Devon. You'll find many more if you scour this blog.

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