Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cole Porter, Miracle Banana & more in this week's Beano

This week's Bananaman in The Beano is another of my favourite scripts - Cafe Hero. Stuffed full of juicy puns it not only features the return of Miracle Banana but also includes the revelation of his secret identity (a reference which comic fans will get, I hope). There's also the return of another of the recurring guest characters I've been using through the series, plus a variation on the Cheers theme, and a nifty plot twist I'm quite pleased with.

On top of all that there's a tribute to Cole Porter, with a snippet of Well Did You Evah (above) which appears, spooky coincidentally, just a day after I posted the Socks singing their version of the song on Youtube.

As well as Bananaman, I've written this week's Little Plum, Damon The Shaman (written as Damon's debut, it's appeared a week after last week's Mind Reading story which was originally the Return Of Damon The Shaman. These titles, by the way, only exist in my head). Also in this week is Pansy Potter 'Handshake' which was, I think, the first Pansy I wrote.

 And is it my imagination, or is the brilliant Laura Howell paying homage to Joe and Petunia from the old public information film Coastguard in this week's Tricky Dicky? I do hope so.

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