Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Busiest Fringe ever? - Part 2

As well as the increased number of people on the streets, as discussed earlier, Edinburgh Fringe 2014 breaks the record for me personally having a full schedule. Possibly.

Okay, I will concede that 2012's Fringe, where I did a family-friendly Socks show at 11 in the morning (Chunky Woollen Nits) and the new show (Boo Lingerie) at 10.30 at night was back-breakingly tiring, to no financially beneficial effect, but this year it's the mix of shows and extra curricular activities that's filling the diary. Check this diary out.

Tues 29 July - drive to Edinburgh from Clevedon.
Weds 30 onwards - Socks show every night, flyering at every available moment
Fri Aug 1 - Currie & Colinton libraries + show (take the show every night as a given from now)
Mon 4, Tues 5 - Balerno summer schools
Weds 6 - Uncle Stuart's funeral in Newburgh,  & taking Mum to and from the airport
Thurs 7 - Portobello library (and supposed to be Craigmillar but it was cancelled on arrival)
Fri 8 - Greenock & Gourock libraries (that's a 2 hours drive there, 2 & a half hours back)
Sat 9 - Morningside & Newington libraries
Sun 10 - Socks appearance at Kids On The Fringe at Gilded Balloon
Mon 11 - Port Glasgow & Gourick libraries (2 hr drive etc) then Pun Run at 8.30
Tues 12 - Newsnight auditions from 9am - 4pm
Weds 13 - Meadowbank library (40 min drive)
Thurs 14 - Bonnybridge library (1 hr drive)

Then it's only on Friday that I get the luxury of nothing else to do all day but flyer my show and perform it at night. It is, I'm sure, no wonder that I've not yet made it to the Loft Bar and have only been out for an after-show drink once this month. Oh, and it's not over yet...

Sat 15 - Kids On The Fringe again
Mon 18 - Drumbrae & Corstorphine libraries
Tues 19 - South Queensferry & Kirkliston libraries

Here's what my venue, the Sportsmans, looks like before the punters have turned up. At time of photo, it's relatively cool, but by golly it warms up once the show gets going.

The shows have been getting better and better night by night, whether there's 80 or 28 punters in. The adlibs and improv, and chat with the audience, has all increased, with the biggest casualty being the Batman Tennis routine, which disappeared after the first few days. The Macbeth routine which, on the third day, was rewritten as a new shorter Alex Salmond version, has found itself missed out entirely two or three times, and presented as a greatly-condensed 2 minute version the rest. All making the shower better, tighter and funnier.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre ...And So Am I is at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014, July 30 - Aug 25 Gilded Balloon, 10.30pm

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