Sunday, 24 April 2016

Top 10 Stupid Dr Who Companion Names

There's a 50 year old tradition of Doctor Who companions sometimes having unusual names. There's a much more recent tradition of everybody making a big deal of it, even when those names are far from the weirdest names out there. Here's my list of the Top 10 Least Likely Doctor Who Companion Names

10  Kamelion - Thankfully no-one remembers this dreadful idea for a companion, a robot that was more annoying than K-9 but at least you could stand up when you were in a scene with him. 

9   Leela - It is a real name, though I'd never met a Leela when I was a kid and thought this was a sign the show was getting less serious.

8   Tegan Jovanka - See Leela. There are many Tegans nowadays, but for 20 years I was sure it was a name invented for the show.

7   Ace - It may be a nickname, but then her real name's Dorothy Gale. As in the Wizard Of Oz. Come on, that's just showing off.

6   River Song - Hmmm. Or if you prefer Melody Pond. Either way, a bit contrived and very annoying (as a name).

5   Romana - Not a name, a pizza topping

4   Adric - Do I need to say anything here?

3   Vislor Turlough - No part of this name isn't wrong

2   Perpugilliam Brown - Aaaaargh! Really? Peri is fine, a lovely name. Why oh why oh why have this under the hood?

1   Dodo Chaplet. And that was a Pointless answer, well done anyone who said...

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