Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Conservatory Escape Room Challenge

ESCAPE ROOM – Hev & Kev questions


You are trying to escape from THE CONSERVATORY. You have 10 choices. You get a point if you make the correct choice, and an additional point if you can correctly say why. So there are 20 possible points to be made. Give your first round of guesses IN ONE POST please. When we see how wrong you all, I’ll give you clues about the choices to make (if you still need them). First person to get more than 10 points on first guess wins a free signed copy of my book Findlay Macbeth.


1)    You have to throw something. Choose between THE STONE and THE SWITCH.


2)    You have to burn something and conserve something. A TREE and A BOOK. Which do you burn?


3)    Choose between these pop records: JUMP AROUND and GETTING JIGGY WITH IT


4)    Choose an operating system. Will it run on MAC or PC?


5)    Choose a place to STUDY: The same place as…?

a)    Erik Satie, Camile Saint-Saens, and Mantovani

b)    Bernard Hermann, Nina Simone, and Wynton Marsalis


6)    There’s a CONTRACT. Do you want to add time to it, or shorten the time left?


7)    GLASS half full or glass half empty?


8)    Choose where to hang out in CENTRAL PARK;

a)    The memorial area by West 72nd, near the Dakota Building

b)    North East corner near Museum Mile, between 104th and 106th


9)    Choose a FILM. Which one?

a)    Alexander Dovzhenko (1930)

b)    Clement & La Frenais (1985)

c)    M Night Shyalaman (2019)


10)  Which are we? A song by The Thomson Twins or Gary Numan?


Happy Escaping campers!







Reason: We’re in conservatory. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones



A: Burn the BOOK. Conserve A TREE

Reason: We’re in the conserve-a-tree




Reason: It’s by House Of Pain (Pane, get it?). We’re in a conservatory. (The other is Will Smith)



A: PC.  Reason: Windows. Conservatory.



A: Choose a:  The CONSERVATOIRE A Paris. (B was Juilliard in New York)



A: ADD TIME.   Reason: It’s an EXTENSION. (We’re in a conservatory)



A: EITHER. Both glass.



A: Choose b, The Conservatory Garden (a is Strawberry Fields)



Choose c M Night Shyalaman (GLASS, 2019)  The others were Earth and Water



A: Gary Numan – WE ARE GLASS (not We Are Detective)

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