Friday, 19 June 2020

The Deli Song - Dean Friedman and The Scottish Falsetto Socks

What a treat this was. The Socks duetting with Dean Friedman on one of our favourite tracks of his, The Deli Song (Corned Beef On Wry) from his classic 1978 album Well Well Said The Rocking Chair. 

This was performed live as part of his Sunday night Dean Zine Live Stream, a special All Request edition done on Zoom, rather than his usual SteamYard set up which can also be seen on Youtube and Facebook. This was a ticketed event, where the audience were also visible on screen. An odd set up, as many performers are discovering, because of the difficulty of filtering out each others sound. Essentially the performer has to mute the audience until the end of the song, then let their cacaphonic applause and comments crash over each other. 

The Socks had to unmute themselves to join in. Which, if you've ever tried operating the trackpad of a laptop while wearing socks on your hands, is a more complicated procedure than you expect. But it worked and I'm delighted with the result.

These concerts by Dean have been an absolute delight to be part of, we're doing another one this coming weekend,  and though hardly a big earner, he does pay us what he can for them, and they're getting the Socks to a whole new international audience, which is marvellous.

See more at, and we'll keep spreading the love.

The Scottish Falsetto Socks full hour-long Superheroes show is available, free, on Youtube here. See more of their videos all over Youtube, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. And, if you're lucky, they'll be performing live again as soon as that's a thing.

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