Sunday 28 December 2008

Long time no etc

Is it really a week since we uploaded a Socks video? Why, I must have been enjoying myself and having a Christmas holiday. In truth, Heather came up to join me in Edinburgh, so we've spent the days visiting art galleries and shopping, rather than me indulging myself in writing, recording, shooting and editing videos. Which, though the end results might suggest otherwise, takes a long time. Heather has now returned to England, so maybe some more Socks material will appear. Though, that said, I have two days coming up working in Edinburgh libraries delivering my Comic Art Masterclass, and the it's Hogmanay, so nobody should get their hopes up waiting for a new epic.

Added to that, the free Wifi I've been relying on (in the Standing Order, a Wetherspoons pub in the middle of Edinburgh) has disappeared (I'm told someone has "punched a hole" in the machine, so that won't be fixed till next year), meaning I'm finding new temporary places to perch while I do my frantic emailing (God I miss having my own broadband, and the flat I'm staying in is totally cable free). Right now I'm in one pub, the Newsroom, and tried to use their free wi-fi, but the signal appears to have come from some place called The Waterloo, which is, I think, the venue next door. So that probably can't last. I'd be amazed if I get to the end of the idle bit of nooding before I get cut-

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