Wednesday 31 March 2010

Socks sing folk - Songs From The Shed

A first from the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre - folk. In a shed. Two firsts there.

Thanks to Jon Earl's brilliant Songs From The Shed project, today the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have recorded not one, not two, but three videos, singing with Award Winning Folk musicians Jackie Oates and Jim Causley.

Here's the first of our three numbers, The Lark In The Morning...

... and you can find the other numbers, along with an amazing array of musicians of all styles and genres performing in Jon's shed, at Enjoy.

Sunday 28 March 2010

In praise of HiEx Inverness

I'm on the train from Inverness via Aviemore to Edinburgh enjoying both the free wifi and some incredible scenery. Mountains so magnificent I have to tap on an iPod and ignore them in total admiration.

I've had a grand couple of days at the third Hi Ex comic festival in Inverness, and recommend it to any comic fans for next year. This year they appear to have sold out if their ticket allocation ( I gleaned this from someone who was having difficulty getting in) and there were long queues for a number of talks.

One of those talks was a performance by the Scottish Falsetto Socks which I'm pleased to report went well. Some fun new improve from crowd suggestions, none of which I can remember so I'll have to invent them anew next time. Also a record number of films suggested that we couldn't come up with anything for. So the Socks kind of pledged to have a go at, if I recall, Teletubbies, Back to the Future... Bum. There was a good half dozen films we had to remember to have a go at and I've forgotten them all.

Talking of changing the subject, there's snow on these mountains we're going through. I really must stop writing and enjoy the view.

Thanks to Vicky and Rich for organising such a good event and to all the fun people I got to spend time with, too numerous to mention. Did masterclass at Gairloch high school, hi folks, and saw Earth's fattest Stormtrooper on Saturday. All that and a train with wifi and mountains. What could be better?

Thursday 25 March 2010

50 Pub jokes in under 4 minutes

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre try and tell 50 "man walked into a pub" jokes in under 4 minutes (and they manage to miss out the Vincent Van Gogh "I'm got one ear" gag, I've just noticed). There is no great value in any of this. Enjoy.


Wednesday 24 March 2010

Where Doctor Who got his new look from

Oh, you think Matt Smith's Doctor Who is the first person to swan around in a bowtie, red braces and tweedy clothes? Think again. Here are some photos of me from the 1980s.

And wasn't I a moody bugger in the 80s? Ah the innocence of youth.

50 Doctor jokes in 4 minutes

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre try and tell 50 Doctor jokes in under 4 minutes. There is no sensible reason for this and I cannot vouch for its inherent entertainment value.


Wednesday 17 March 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day - new vid from the Socks

We know this has taken so long to upload that it's probably only St Patrick's Day somewhere in the Pacific, but all the same please enjoy the Socks' St Paddy's tribute:

Monday 15 March 2010

Socks on tour - New Halloween clip

Hello Socks fans. It's been a while since anyone's blogged here, all because we're so busy with this tour. The length and breadth of the country we've covered in recent weeks. Milton Keynes marvellous Madcap Arts was the last show, including a guy called Micha who'd travelled all the way from Germany (ok not solely to see us, but we were part of his planned itinerary from when he set off, and that's pretty brilliant).

Every gig's been good, with the best audience numbers of any tour and the best reception yet. Our smallest crowds have been as big as some of our biggest on the 2008 tour, and performing as a double bill with Ali Cook has given the audiences some very good value for money nights (check out this review of our Burnley show). And our forthcoming Leicester Square Theatre show in London on April 5th is already sold out, which is cracking.

If you can make it, do, or tell your nearby friends not to miss us. Here's a clip giving a taste of what you get.

And here are those remaining dates. Love to see you there.

Mar 18 Lighthouse Poole (+ Ali support) £10 7.30pm

Mar 19 – New Cut Arts Suffolk (+Ali dbl bill)

Mar 20 Theatr Harlech (+Ali dbl bill) 7.30 £7.50

April 3 Bath Widcombe Social Club

April 5 Leicester Square Theatre, London 8pm £10

April 10 Chorley Theatre 7.30 £8

Apr 16 – Harrogate Theatre (+ Ali dbl bill) £10 8pm

Apr 23 –Loughborough Town Hall (+ Ali dbl bill) £10 8pm

May 1 & May 2 - Brighton Komedia 6pm £10

May 20- Blackwood Miners (+ Ali dbl bill) 8pm £7 advance £10 on door

June 16 - Southend Fringe, The Sunrooms

June 25 - Helmsley (+ Ali dbl bill)

July 8 - New Greenham Arts (+ Ali dbl bill)
July 11 Traverse Edinburgh tbc
July 16 Bristol Brewery (+ Ali dbl bill)
July 31 - Bedford Fringe

Aug 4 - 29 Gilded Balloon 9.15pm

Monday 1 March 2010

Heather Tweed's Crocodilopolis in Edinburgh

Heather Tweed's new exhibition, Crocodilopolis, has opened in Edinburgh. Don't worry, you didn't miss a launch party, there wasn't one.

What there is is an exhibition in the Total Kunst gallery on Bristo Place, alongside the Forest cafe, with contains information about a series of works distributed around the streets of Edinburgh, with instructions on what to do with them if you find them.

If you're not in Edinburgh, you can still experience a lot of the exhibition online. This is what the show at Total Kunst looks like.

These are the hidden works that you could look for in Edinburgh.

This is more info about the show.

And this is a Google Map with live details of where the works are, updated when they're found:

If all that wasn't enough, an exhibition of Heather's Tweed's Anubis Other World Tour sculptures is currently showing at Kings College in Taunton. If you can make it, stroll along during daytime and reception will point you towards it. If you can't, here are some photos.

If you have any more questions about Heather and her work, she's on Twitter, Facebook and you can email her through her website. Have fun, art lovers.

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