Sunday, 28 March 2010

In praise of HiEx Inverness

I'm on the train from Inverness via Aviemore to Edinburgh enjoying both the free wifi and some incredible scenery. Mountains so magnificent I have to tap on an iPod and ignore them in total admiration.

I've had a grand couple of days at the third Hi Ex comic festival in Inverness, and recommend it to any comic fans for next year. This year they appear to have sold out if their ticket allocation ( I gleaned this from someone who was having difficulty getting in) and there were long queues for a number of talks.

One of those talks was a performance by the Scottish Falsetto Socks which I'm pleased to report went well. Some fun new improve from crowd suggestions, none of which I can remember so I'll have to invent them anew next time. Also a record number of films suggested that we couldn't come up with anything for. So the Socks kind of pledged to have a go at, if I recall, Teletubbies, Back to the Future... Bum. There was a good half dozen films we had to remember to have a go at and I've forgotten them all.

Talking of changing the subject, there's snow on these mountains we're going through. I really must stop writing and enjoy the view.

Thanks to Vicky and Rich for organising such a good event and to all the fun people I got to spend time with, too numerous to mention. Did masterclass at Gairloch high school, hi folks, and saw Earth's fattest Stormtrooper on Saturday. All that and a train with wifi and mountains. What could be better?

1 comment:

Richmond A Clements said...

Thanks for coming, Kev!
Sorry for hardly getting a chance to talk to you all weekend though! Maybe snatch a word or two at Bristol!

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