Saturday, 14 November 2009

Weekend musings

It's a strange but pleasant experience to be having a weekend off. It's Saturday and Hev & I are both at home. And we'll be in on Saturday night together for the first time in weeks. Last Saturday we were in Manchester, with me gigging with the Socks and Hev staying over in the hotel room, and there have been a few like that. One reason for all this staying away was, of course, my work (the Socks have been doing rather well for gigs lately, taking us from Whitby to Surrey to Hampshire to Bath to.. oh google us). The other reason for our desire to be away from the flat was the ongoing repair work, which has dragged on since August when we had a big leak from upstairs, costing us our carpets, a layer of flooring and most of our lounge furniture.

That has now changed, at long long last. Last week the plywood flooring went down on our bare boards, followed on Monday by a lovely layer of underlay, Tuesday by our new wall to wall carpets, and Wednesday by the sofabed and two lounge chairs. Those have now been joined by a TV unit, which is now topped off with a new TV and a Sony Gigajuke (those were nothing to do with the water damage, but as it happens the money from the Edinburgh Fringe came through at the same time and we fancied rewarding ourselves).

All of which means we are spared a small leakage of another kind, sound from the flat downstairs which had, in the last couple of months, become the bane of our existence and made our lives quite miserable. Now, touching wood and trying not to tempt fate, it seems things have returned to normal. Admittedly last night it did sound like someone down there was blowing the place up, I'm assuming it was some kind of video game, but it stopped after not too long, and we couldn't even hear the shouting that must, inevitably, have accompanied the turning-down (going by previous patterns with which we've become a bit too familiar in our floor-lite period).

If I post a blog at anytime later with the heading "I spoke too soon", you'll know what I'm talking about (as I type this a downstairs down slammed loud enough to shake our coffee table, but nothing compared to "the day", which is what we'll hopefully be calling the last 12 weeks). But for the moment, loving this. It's windy and rainy outside, the sort of weather that causes structural damage, and I'm not having to drive in it. Other news this week, paid big tax bill, broke down twice in 7 days so needed to do fairly big repairs on car, the cat from next door has adopted us, and The Sitcom Trials have finished the first 4 heats and are now moving onto the semi finals. And I haven't written or recorded any new Socks material for the longest time in ages, so hope to produce some more in the coming week. And that's it for diaries, now to read a book or something.

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