Sunday, 20 December 2009

I love my statistics

This year's Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Christmas videos, in order of popularity on YouTube (in reverse order, our own Xmas Top 10):

Sunset (not Xmassy) - 222
50 Years of our family's Christmas cards (not Socks) - 240
Xmas Songs You Daren't Sing - 366
Xmas on the Farm - 524
German Market - 648
Socks Suck - 677
Xmas Lights Song - 724
Tiger Got Wood (not Xmassy) - 1215
Away in Pret A Manger - 1572
12 Days of Xmas - 45,647

Stats which tell you little. Songs You Daren't Sing, mouldering at number 8, is there with a bullet being the last one we uploaded and bound to leapfrog most of the others shortly. 12 Days has reached its great heights by dint of being a featured video on YouTube in its first week. Quite how people get those million viewings I have yet to figure out.

Anyhoo, there they are and well done us. Merry Christmas everyone.

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