Saturday, 13 November 2010

RCA secrets & Doctor Who

It's good, ocassionally, to do something that makes it look like the 4 years I spent at art college weren't wasted. In today's climate of student loands, tuition fees, and lifelong debt, it's hard to imagine anyone going to art school and studying Fine Art, as I did. It's almost guaranteed to have no job at the end, and I fear many courses are threatened with closure in a world where they have to explain their market value to the bean counters (Hev's & my own art college, Exeter, is no longer there, leaving an entire city bereft of art students. And, yes, that is a bad thing).

So this week Heather & I are proud to have our work on show as part of an exhibition at the Royal College Of Art. It's called RCA Secrets, and it looks like this.

2800 postcard sized pieces of work are on show, some by the biggest artists in the country (inc Tracy Emin, Peter Blake, Yoko On, Nick Park, James Dyson, Mary Quant, Manolo Blahnik, Grayson Perry et al) have contributed. The catch is that these works are unsigned and anonymous, and it's not until they've been bought that the purchaser will discover whose work they now own. Hev & I have been part of the show since 2003 and this year we both have three pieces each in there. We're sworn to secrecy, obviously, not to spoil the surprise, but I can drop the hint that one of my pieces appears very early on in the online show (click the above link, or indeed this one, to see all 2800 cards on pages of fifty at a time). It's fun to see if you can spot the artists, I think I can definitely tell the Terry Gilliam entries. Oh and Manolo Blahnik always does shoes.

You can buy any of the pieces for only £40 each, a fixed price so no-one gets ripped off, but you'll need to join the queue and take your chances on the more popular works. Happy art shopping.

As well as showing I can doodle on a postcard with the best of them, I've also had the pleasure over recent weeks of drawing some comic / stroke / cartoon artwork for Doctor Who Adventures magazine. I'm doing Where's Wally type dioramas with hidden objects. The one I've just delivered features hidden Water Of Mars characters frozen in a Planet of the Ood scene people with dozens of Who monsters (I got to draw Cybermen, Ood, and Sensorites. For money). And the one a couple of weeks ago featured a Ghost Train ride and I'll put it online sometime, but not yet, eh.

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