Thursday 14 November 2013

Bananaman by me in this week's Beano

With the greatest pleasure I find today that I'm back in The Beano after a short while away from its pages. It's my script for Bananaman, the first of a few, drawn by the wonderful Wayne Thompson, and since Wayne is happy for his work to go unsigned, my script appears anonymously. (Anyone who knows how vain I am will know I usually plaster my name all over my own artwork and I'm hoping my script credit will be appearing on future strips).

If anyone's interested in how I work, I've shown a snippet of the printed strip and, below it, my original script. I deliver my scripts in the form of a biro layout, an it's fun to see how another artist improves upon my original scribble. If you want to see the rest of the strip and its twist ending, buy The Beano. Still only 2 quid, and full of top notch stuff (my current fave is Jamie Smart's Roger The Dodger, which we all strive to be as good as).

Keep an eye out for more scripts from me, on Bananaman and Biffo The Bear, and if I get a moment I'll be seeing if I can't draw something too.

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