Sunday 1 December 2013

Are You My T-Shirt? My Doctor Who design revisited

Recognise this?

It's one of the new range of official Doctor Who t-shirts available from a company called 8 Ball. And it bears a striking resemblance to a t-shirt some of you might have in your collection, if you were a Doctor Who fan back in 2005...

As soon as the Christopher Eccleston story The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances had finished on Saturday night in May 2005, I was inspired to design a t shirt. I wanted to do it as a fun item which I would wear myself and, in order that I could afford to print them, I put the word out online. If ten people ordered a shirt, at a tenner each, then I could afford to print them. I ended up selling 300 shirts, which was a little more than I'd originally planned. A good few orders came from the staff at the BBC in Cardiff. Steven Moffat bought three.

Since I wasn't producing them officially, it was only right that, by the autumn of 2005, I'd stopped printing them. So anyone who owns one is in possession of a valuable limited edition. And now here's someone with a design which is possibly inspired by mine, but who can really say? As Steven Moffat said when he bought some original Gasmask shirts from me and I said "I hope you don't think I'm ripping you off?": "I didn't invent gasmasks, or motherhood, I just think it's a cool shirt."


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Stuart said...

The Moff is a cool dude.

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