Sunday, 29 July 2018

Bob, My Gran & Guinea Pigs - comics by kids

My mega marathon tour of the north with my Comic Art Masterclass continued this week taking me, in one day, to Hartlepool and Stockton. It was inevitable that Hartlepool's comic would have Hangus The Monkey in - their most enduring legend. Meanwhile Stockton's cover has a drawing of a toy husky that one of the kids had with her.

The lovely market town of Leyburn in North Yorkshire played host to me for two sold out classes. This Summer Reading Challenge, of which all these classes have been part, does seem to be working as a project to get kids into the various libraries. Hopefully it will keep them coming.

To be honest I don't know why I bother inserting these Adsense adverts into my blogs. They upset the flow, and do you know how much I earn from them? In the last seven days - 1p, this month 3p. There is almost literally nothing I could do that would earn me less money that putting Adsense adverts in my blogs. What do you say? Should I stop?

The final day of the marathon saw me at Wollaton and Sherwood libraries in Nottinghamshire, making one of my favourite covers out of Bob. I'm particularly pleased by the way I got David Attenborough's name onto the cover. You are all aware that I include in every cover a reference to the celebrity the kids have chosen to appear in my demonstration strip? Good. Just making sure these details aren't wasted on you all.

I've had a chance to produce a few nifty flipcharts at most of these libraries. It really is a matter of how far in advance I can get into the room, and how much other setting up there is to do. Clearly Stockton and Hartlepool had done all the table-shifting to my satisfaction before I arrived.

The celebrities these six groups chose to star in my demonstration strip were Usain Bolt, Tom Cruise, The Queen, David Attenborough (twice), and Chris Pratt.

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