Monday 31 October 2022

TikTok boosts book sales

Here's how well the books, mostly colouring books, have been doing on Amazon this month. Hardly the millions you make from crime fiction (and, yes, I've nearly finished the second draft of that first book), but a pleasant little sideline. 

And, slightly in the shadow of the Eurovision book that continues to be my best seller, we see the Doctors Who colouring book, which has managed 6 sales this month, all in the last week, thanks I'm sure to my TikTok video about Power Of The Doctor, which has been viewed 86,000 in a week.

I think Eurovision volume 2's sales might start to pick up, now that I've lowered its price from £6.99 to the same £6.50 as its companion book. Let's see. Meanwhile, October's figures look like this:

It's a year since I started the colouring book experiment, and it's not been a waste of time by any means. Added to these sales, are my taking at comic festivals. This past weekend at Nottingham Comic Con I took around £200 in book sales. And, stupidly, failed to make a note of how many I sold of each title. Though I can say that the biggest sellers were my graphic novels Findlay Macbeth, Prince Of Denmark Street, and Midsummer Nights Dream Team which each sold about a dozen copies each (in contrast to their popularity on Amazon). 

Update: I've ended the month on 65 sales, since writing this post, with Oct 31st having a record breaking 11 sales in one day!

My sales on Etsy don't quite compare. In October I sold 3 each of the two Eurovision books. This year to date that's 36 Eurovisions, 12 Eurovision vol 2s, 2 Bowies, 1 MNDT, 2 each of MNDT & PODS, and one Punk.

Now, on with that damn crime novel!

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