Thursday 23 May 2024

Comic Art Masterclasses Summer 2024 - full list

(Already the above ad is out of date, with a possible clash needed solving between Baldock & Frome, which both have me listed as Saturday 13th July, which can't be right*, plus I've found three more days of library events I hadn't listed. Expect constant updates. *This is now sorted)

Comic Art Masterclasses Summer 2024 open to the public (fresh links):

June 22 - Macc Pow Macclesfield

June 29 - Ashbourne

Weds July 17

July 23 - Burnavon Arts, Northern Ireland

July 24 - Ardhowen Arts, Enniskillen NI

July 25 - Strule Arts, Omagh NI

July 26 - Flowerfield Arts, Portstewart NI

July 27 - Ards Arts, Newtownards NI

Aug 5 - 10am Coalville Library
2pm Hinckley Library

Aug 6 - 10am Wollaton Library
2pm - Nottingham Central Library

(These are two events, above, where I'm handing all the ticketing myself. An interesting experiment I've not done for a live class before. I last did it for Zoom events.)

Aug 12 - Shipley & Keighley Libraries

Aug 16 - Cresset, Peterborough

Aug 22 - Ropetackle Shoreham

Aug 31 - St Ives Festival

Sept 7 - Nairn Book Festival

Sept 14 - Chiswick Book Festival

More dates and links to be announced, stay tuned

My Books and where to get them:

Richard The Third Amazon - Etsy - Barnes & Noble - Waterstones
Findlay Macbeth - Amazon  - Etsy 
Prince Of Denmark Street - Amazon - Etsy - Kindle
Midsummer Nights Dream Team  - Amazon Etsy 
Shakespeare Omnibus Collection (all 3 books) - Amazon

Tales From The Bible - Amazon -  Etsy - Webtoons
The Book Of Esther - Lulu  - Amazon Webtoons
Joseph, Ruth & Other Stories - Lulu
Captain Clevedon - Amazon
Tales Of Nambygate - Amazon  

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