Sunday, 8 August 2010

**** 4 stars, National Student

The Socks 2nd review is in, another 4 starrer from National Student

Review: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – On The Telly

Posted on08 August 2010.


Pocketfuls of punnery and an overflowing bag of TV geekdom is just what the Falsetto Sock fans ordered and the new recruits lapped it up too. The Falsetto Socks’ fans are legion, having established quite a following on YouTube, any moment when participation is invited promptly gets followed by a request for some of their popular online material.

It’s worth noting that despite the inclination to refer the socks in the plural, they are of course the work of one man; Kev F Sutherland; a comic artist, comics aficionado and author of numerous Beano strips. This man has written comic strips for the Bash Street Kids and Doctor Who Magazine, there aren’t many credentials as geekily impressive as that. He also knows his telly, oh boy does he know his trivia and can casually rattle off details of classic TV shows with ease.

Nippy costume changes, funny ditties, snappy cultural gags and demonstrative punnery is the order of the day and Sutherland has refined his glorious socks act to be as slick as it needs to be. It’s always entertaining and constantly funny.

It can’t be easy for a guy to hold an audience and interact with them whilst sitting behind a tartan cloth and emoting with socks as a one-man double-act, but he bloody well does it, year after year and always does it brilliantly.

by Ian Phillips

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