Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Socks tshirts - Edfringe special only £12 each

Attention Socks fans who are in Edinburgh,

I have a limited number of 2010 Scottish Falsetto Socks t-shirts still available and up here in Edinburgh with me. If anyone wants one, shout now. It looks like this:

(okay the logo's not quite that big on the shirt, it's 8" round)

I'm not posting these or anything, these are just for people who are in Edinburgh (or will be next week) who can pick them up in person and pay cash.

The sizes left are
Small (1 left only)
M (1 left)
L (3 left)
XL (4 left)
XXXL (2 left)
Ladyfit Small (4 left)
Ladyfit Medium (5 left)
and Ladyfit Large (1 only).

All you need to do is text me on 07931 810858 saying the size you want and we'll fix a rendezvous (most likely outside the Gilded Balloon in Bristo Square) and the shirt's yours. First bagsied first served.

Love The Socks xxxxxx

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