Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Biopics - Socks fun every night

As part of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's current Edinburgh show, On The Telly, the boys perform an improvised biopic, enacting the life of a famous person based on the audience's suggestion.

We've done Gary Glitter once, though he has been shouted out for three nights, and I'm worried people think he's a planted suggestion. The line up so far has been

Weds - David Hasselhof (very good Pamela Anderson)
Thurs - Michael Jackson (had done this once before and remember it being better. Never try the same adlib twice?)
Fri - Tom Baker (nice one, a memorable Matt Lucas)
Sat - Wayne Rooney (poorest so far, about all I knew about him was that he looks like a potato, and it seems the audience weren't unanimous on that)
Sun - Gary Glitter (very goo, but sadly only thought of the line "Gary Grectum" on the way home)
Mon - Osama Bin Laden (a very good one, though 9/11 got fewer laughs than I was hoping. Gave myself mental high five for the "radical" Imam)

Looking forward to some more great suggestions, bring em on.

Meanwhile, it's raining. Which reminds me of this hit from the pit...

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