Thursday 19 August 2010

A-Z of Fringe, G for Great Audiences

G is for Great Audiences, and at this year's Fringe the Scottish Falsetto Socks have been blessed with some beauts. We've had more sellouts already this year than we'd had by the end of last year's Fringe, and take a listen to this lot if you want to hear how marvellous their response can be:

If anyone's planning on coming to the show, booking in advance is becoming increasingly necessary. I've already heard from a punter who's desperately trying to get tickets for this Saturday's show and can't. And if my flyering continues to be as effective as it was yesterday (we went from low start-of-day sales, via 4 hours frantic flyering, to our best one-day sales of the month, ending up 6 short of a sellout (so near and yet so not bad). If Edfringe's box office is sold out, try the Gilded Balloon's box office.

As part of every show, the Socks improvise a biopic, doing the life story of a celeb as suggested by the audience. Here are the ones we've done so far:

Weds - David Hasselhof
Thurs - Michael Jackson
Fri - Tom Baker
Sat - Wayne Rooney
Sun - Gary Glitter
Mon - Osama Bin Laden
Tues - Cliff Richard
Weds - The Stig
Thurs - Nat King Cole
Fri - Princess Di
Sat - Rod Hull
Sun - Anthea Turner
Mon - Amy Winehouse
Tues - Brian Blessed
Weds - Sean Connery

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