Monday, 16 August 2010

A-Z of the Fringe: L (also Biopic update)

In their latest A-Z of the Fringe, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre manage to include their interview with The Scotsman, which you can read here.

By the way here are their reviews so far from Broadway Baby (5 stars), National Student (4 stars) and Edinburgh Spotlight (4 stars).

Every night as part of the show, the Socks improvise the biopic of a celebrity suggested by the audience. Here are the ones they've done so far:

Weds - David Hasselhof
Thurs - Michael Jackson
Fri - Tom Baker
Sat - Wayne Rooney
Sun - Gary Glitter
Mon - Osama Bin Laden
Tues - Cliff Richard
Weds - The Stig
Thurs - Nat King Cole
Fri - Princess Di
Sat - Rod Hull
Sun - Anthea Turner

Edinburgh Fringe 2010: 9.15pm 4-29 August, Gilded Balloon

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