Thursday, 26 August 2010

Deja vu all over again*

* and I bet I've used that title before.

I have just reread my diary from Mon Aug 24 Edinburgh 2009, ie about the same time of the month as we're at now, and I find myself describing a poor gig that left me feeling a bit like last night's gig did, although last night's wasn't nearly as bad as the one I describe. By this stage, I guess, this just happens. Props fall apart (same thing both years), the audience are quieter than you've got used to (ditto), and there are 3 Press tickets in the audience (snap). Added to which I then have a dream which has me waking up feeling depressed (last year it was all about the Socks and, sort of, being on stage naked, this year it was having made a whole plate of food and someone throws it away before I can eat it).

And of course in both cases it signifies nothing. We've had a great month, this year having made more money than last year, continuing the year-on-year pattern that's happened since 07, and yesterday we had our 4 star review in The Scotsman, which we've had every year since 08. So all's well with the world.

We haven't got a TV series yet. And I'm starting to feel I should have made more use of the month to secure further work. Which is what I feel at this time every year. I think everyone does. Oh, and we even had time to make a video. Here it is, enjoy:

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