Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wish I Had Something To Say*

* That was a record by the Goodies, by the way. A really obscure track from a really obscure comedy album from, I think, 1975. And that may be as interesting as today's diary gets.

I've just been rereading my Edinburgh diary from 2009 and finding it passing interesting, but only to me. This year has had a similar start. My show, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre has had three sellouts out of four nights and is looking at low sales figures today unless I flyer very hard (last year was a different permutation because of diferent special offer and preview days, but amounted to the same ups and downs).

We've had a quick appearance on the telly - last year it was a few seconds live on GMTV plus a live clip on BBC Scotland and the BBC website, in 2008 it was a brief appearance on the Culture Show, this year it was a fleeting few words on The One Show, all a nice fillup and a boost to the ego and possibly the sales.

And I've been doing Comic Art Masterclasses in the afternoons, as I did in 09, but unlike last year those have now finished so I will now be able to flyer more in the daytime, see more daytime shows, and most importantly stay up later pointlessly socialising in the Loft Bar (and, I imagine, trying to get into Brookes Bar at the Pleasance and, when I succeed, meeting no-one of any interest.

This year already has a major advantage over last year in that our flat back home hasn't flooded (a dreadful accident that marred not only our August holiday but also our entire autumn, which went on to involve months of building work and disruption). And a couple of nice extra fillips, the Socks have been invited to appear on some other shows; Comedy In The Dark which we'll be performing tonight, and Hardeep Singh Kohli's Chat Masala which might happen this week. Like The One Show, these have come out of the blue without any plugging from me, which is delightful, and reminds me how successful I might be if I were to do a bit more proactive self-promotion.

And that is that. How much more technical, boring, and self-obsessed could I possibly be? Maybe today a mix of flyering, shows, guest slot and interviews (two lined up for today, already done Real Radio and Edinburgh Podcast) will throw up something worth talking about.

Oh, and we had reviewers and some telly in last night, and I didn't think the show was as good as previous nights. What will that turn out to have done to our chances? Let's just see. In the meantime, let me relive last year's media highpoints...

Our TV profile got off to a great start with GMTV:

...and the BBC:

And Heather became the lead story in ArtMag:

And the icing on the cake of our first week was the 4 star review in The Scotsman, along with a big photo:

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