Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Youtoobling - a hobby of mine

I had a good night Youtoobling last night after my show. Am I the only person who does this? I sit at the computer, with the headphones on and a drink, and watch Youtube videos, mostly music vids, with each having to link in some way to the previous. Sometimes the suggestions come from Youtube, sometimes from Wikipedia, sometimes from my own memory. It's trivial, time-wasting drunken fun, and I love it.

Here was last night's string of trivia:

Can't remember why I'm watching this Forever Young Alphaville. Must be #youtoobling

#youtoobling: vids must link. Forever Young by Alphaville = film by Jean Luc Godard, who filmed: this

#youtoobling Godard also directed Breathless which the Corrs did, as well as This Town...

I meant Old Town, done by the Corrs and, as I said, Phil Lynott: #youtoobling

...who co-wrote this Top Of The Pops theme with Midge Ure Yellow Pearl #youtoobling

Talking of which Top Of The Pops rundowns used to look like this #youtoobling

That last clip ended with Manfred Mann's Mighty Quinn, by Dylan who also wrote Bryan Ferry Hard Rain

Well, he's no Bryan, but... Dylan's Hard Rain live 1964 #youtoobling

And didn't Bob write Wheel's On Fire, Julie Driscoll Brian Augur Trinity #youtoobling

...which was the theme for Absolutely Fabulous (oh, this sounds crap though) #youtoobling

...by Pet Shop Boys as was, rather better, this: Go West #youtoobling

Did someone say Go West? We Close Our Eyes #youtoobling

...video produced by Godley & Creme, talking of whom Englishman In New York #youtoobling

C'mon you saw this coming next Englishman in New York, Sting #youtoobling

Talking of the Sting #youtoobling

That was Scott Joplin. Now, what other Joplins do we know? #youtoobling

Of course there was another Janis wasn't there? At 17 Janis Ian #youtoobling

Who else sang about 17? The Regents #youtoobling (and not yet a woman)

Nice find, The Regents 17 vs Bollywood still #youtoobling

#youtoobling gives us Passions I'm In Love With A German Film Star

Propaganda Duel #youtoobling (oh, some German link)

You know what this video reminds me of? (Dr Mabuse, Propaganda) #youtoobling

Nice Video, Shame About The Song Not the 9 o clock news #youtoobling

J Arthur Rank & a Titty Bum Wee Wee The Two Ninnes #youtoobling

From 2 Ninnies to One Nena 99 Luftballons #youtoobling

Neil Hole In My Shoe #youtoobling

Not on Steve Winwood's Best Of album Well, the rest must be pretty damn good #youtoobling

See Emily Play (last good thing Pink Floyd did) #youtoobling

Maybe last of the night, Bike by Pink Floyd who, did I mention, I hate #youtoobling

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